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Tue, Jun. 8th, 2004, 07:14 pm
pseudosex: From the log of Freya Crescent:

Zidane has asked me to keep this log as a reference for progress in the rebuilding of Burmecia. After telling him it was a stupid idea, he managed to convince Beatrix and I it would help in rebuilding the other cities that that bastard Kuja destroyed. Even though I don't get along with Zidane as well as the others, he really is sweet at heart. So here I am, writing to tell whoever is going to read this that Beatrix and I are well on our way to Burmecia. We had to take a chocobo-drawn cart on Cid's orders; understandably, he said, the locals would not take kindly to any more airships for quite some time. I don't mind too much; the cart we are in, part of a train carrying the Knights of Pluto as well, is spacious and cool. Beatrix and I had some terse conversation earlier, and she's been looking out the window ever since. I assume we'll eventually get on well, as we seem to have a mutual respect and she seems to have a level enough head, but that's simply speculation.

As for the rebuilding, I'm quite excited. Sure, I don't get giddy and jump around like Vivi and Zidane about it, but it will be good to be home. I can hardly imagine how it will seem when we arrive, though; I saw it when it was first destroyed and abandoned, and I have talked with survivors, but the emotional distress they are going though will be evident when we get there and see them actually seeing the after-effects for themselves. And it is not only them; the experience will be hard on me as well.

Beatrix is a noble warrior, as far as I have seen. Although we have fought together before, we had been too rushed for me to notice the art in her power. We had to bring our weapons for two reasons. One, monsters have always been very abundant in open areas such as these. And two, we've been looking out for Mist monsters and making sure we have taken out any we come across. So far, we haven't found any, which is a very good sign. Twice we've run into packs of monsters, though. The first time, the Knights eliminated the threat, and the second group was left to Beatrix and I. It was very elegant, her fighting style, but also had a lot of force behind it. Thus, I look forward to perhaps training alongside her, maybe sparring with her once in a while.

The sun is setting now, and though we have a perfectly good lamp in the cart -- "In case you need to write something suddenly in the middle of the night," said Zidane -- I suppose I will close for the night and get some rest. We expect to reach Burmecia either late tomorrow evening or early the next morning. Perhaps Beatrix and I will use tomorrow to get to know each other better.

I apologize for the length of the log entry, Zidane, but there's not much to talk about when you are just smelling chocobo for eight hours in a wooden cart.


End log one.