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Tue, Jun. 8th, 2004, 01:27 pm
pseudosex: (no subject)

Dear Burmecian Council,
First, allow me to give you my deepest sym-
pathies for the loss of your fine city at
the hands of Kuja. If the news has not yet
reached the city, Kuja has been defeated and
Zidane Tribal made an executive member of the
Governing Seat of Lindblum. As his first or-
der, Mr. Tribal has enforced a drastic re-
building of every city lost to Kuja's horrid
reign. The first on his list is your own city,
Burmecia. Though many lives were lost when
Kuja attacked, we are hoping a total cleanup
will bring life to what was once a beautiful
city with much promise for being better than
it already was.
The officers sent to lead the cleanup will be
your own fellow Burmecian, Freya Crescent, and
Beatrix, former knight of Queen Brahne. The sol-
diers sent with them will be the old Knights of
Pluto, led by Aldebert Steiner.
We hope you will reply to this letter with an
affirmative response and we can begin the clean-
up as soon as possible. We in Linblum would
like nothing more than to assist you.

Regent Cid


Regent Cid:
The Burmecian Council whole-heartedly accepts the
generosity of your kingdom, and we await the ar-
rival of Ms. Crescent and Beatrix. We have begun
our own re-building, but any help we can get is
greatly appreciated.
Our greatest thanks,
Burmecian Council

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