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Tue, Jun. 8th, 2004, 11:14 pm
pseudosex: From the log of Freya Crescent:

Dear Log,

I suppose, seeing as how we must get along for this adventure back home, I should address you with a proper name. So I will address you as Log, not a proper name as I had promised, as it must be apparent I am not too partial to your company. Perhaps we can become better acquainted once we get to Burmecia, or perhaps not. We will see.

I suppose, if Zidane reads this, he will think I have gone positively insane. I will blame it on the day I have gone without food, of course. We have stopped to give the chocobos a rest. Beatrix has joined in on what sounds like an uproarious chat with the Knights of Pluto, particularly Steiner, but I will not eavesdrop on what it is they're speaking about. It is, of course, their business and not my own.

Over the past few hours, I have composed a letter to the Burmecian Council on behalf of Queen Brahne and Kuja. Beatrix was a delightful help in the writing of that letter, as she had been on their end of the war, and agreed that the apology needs to be given, no matter who it came from. Our relationship, if you will call it that, has gotten much less tense over night. I awoke very early this morning to find her writing in her own log; I pretended to be asleep as not to disturb her.

A memo to whomever does read this as a reference for the other cleanups: Please, for the love of Gaea, choose a kingdom or town not so afraid of airships. The cooling system went out in the cart overnight, and the heat has been so dreadful that I was forced to shed my hat and coat. The smell of chocobos combined with that has made this trip a horror.

I have decided what we should do when we get to Burmecia. We will make friends with the remaining Burmecians first, before we try to help their cleanup. Of course, when I mention "we," the focal point is Beatrix. Burmecians never abandon their own kind, nor their heroes, and so the Knights and I shall be well-accepted. I know not fully of the role Beatrix played in the destruction of my hometown, but she has proven faithful, and therefore I have forgiven her. And yet, I know the Dragon Knights, let alone the citizens, will not be as easy to forgive her as I am.

Perhaps I will ask her later what role she played, and what she thinks we should do when we arrive. This is, obviously, not just a position I was given; Zidane has as much faith in her as he does in me, and I do as well. I will mention to Beatrix that she needs to voice her opinion on matters more often, and bring up the fact that I will not threaten her as Brahne probably did.

Again, something I might ask when we get to Burmecia. I have a feeling that the General and I will be having a long talk on what happened during the war when we get a break and some privacy.

I've just asked the chocobo trainer when we will be leaving, and he says the chocobos will need about two more hours of rest. When I said the cooling system had gone off, he said he would take care of it and walked off to find his tools.

The hours have passed. Beatrix has just climbed back into the cart and informed me we will be leaving in a few minutes. So I will end the log and have a short talk with her now; I hope it does not end up in a squabble as the last one did.

Sadly, she informed me, the Knights have eaten all of the food.

I pray we make it by nightfall, lest I may be tempted to eat Steiner where he stands.


End log three.