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Mon, Jul. 12th, 2004, 12:23 pm
pseudosex: From the log of Freya Crescent:

Dear Log,

I cannot help but worry about the fate of this mission. Upon entering Burmecia, everyone cheered for me, which only made me more nervous to bring Beatrix out from behind the wagon. The people looked so hopeful, and for a moment I wished to preserve this happiness and send all of the knights back to Alexandria. I told Beatrix that the reception was unexpected, and she simply said, "You're their hero. This is expected."

I was unnerved at the way Beatrix was accepted, with nothing but a dead silence. Never has Burmecia been that quiet, at least in my memory, and the Council didn't even bother to explain her. I have to imagine the anxiety would have been cooled if he had at least said she was a friend of the city now and that she meant no harm, but it was not to be done.

We began to move through the streets, and the head of the Council, an old friend of the family, said that I would be doing much more executive jobs than Beatrix and the knights. As nicely as I could, I said that I would much rather stay and see to Beatrix's safety, and he told me that would be less likely than possible and to start preparing for a long separation from my new friend. As we were arguing over this, Beatrix tells me that a tomato was thrown her way, before the second one that I was aware of.

I remember just how she looked, a tomato splotched on her face with a momentary expression of rejection. But then Beatrix Griffinheart was back and she threw the remains to the ground, stepping on them in rough defiance. I felt for her then, more than I'd felt for anyone in a long time. Indeed, I agreed that Steiner's plan would be overdoing it, but I do not think I should have walked so far ahead and left her open for attack.

We were led inside and shown our quarters, but requested to attend a meeting within the hour. Beatrix declined, saying she needed to wash up a bit, but I was almost obligated to show up, and so I did. We went over the specifics and what to rebuild first; it was a small meeting with myself, the Council head, Steiner, and a few of the site foremen there. We decided to rebuild the most prosperous zones first, then to move onto the independent businesses. Understandable, as it would take money to really get the rebuilding efforts on the move.

The meeting was ended rather quickly, as no one saw the need for larger plans until some menial tasks were out of the way. Steiner walked me back to my room, ever the gentlemen, and entrusted to me the secret that he intended to ask Beatrix to dinner once a restaraunt was reconstructed and he felt it safe for her to go out without much protection.

I laughed and told him that it didn't have to be so secretive, but I have known Steiner long enough to know that, while very vocal, actual actions take him a while to get out of the way. I always told myself he annoyed me horribly, but in truth, I could probably deal with him for quite a while.

I have decided not to tell Beatrix of the intended separation yet. While I know she is as strong a person as anyone I am acquainted with, this is a strange land with people who are far from fond of her, and I am afraid the knowledge I cannot be with her at all times may do something to her confidence that could make this harder on her. I will tell her when the time comes.

For now, I, too, much wash up and get some rest. It is nearly one in the morning and I will need all the energy I can get for tomorrow's beginning.


End log nine.